**this webpage has no association with the gambling commission whatsoever it is regarding failure for Medical Self Exclusion and Failures to Self Exclude by Gambling Websites - we understand that each juristiction should have one in place- we would like to legally challenge any failures and flaws that we encounter - along with a review of the publics personal details shared across gaming networks, we offer freedom to explain your situation if you have not been helped with regards to any situation with a gambling company online, so as a group we can expose this.**

Make a Claim

The most important part to make a claim is gathering all evidence and information with regards to building a case, we obviously want people to feel free to hide their identity... this will be brought forward when it comes to taking the case to court and in the event of a trial.


We advise that you collect as much email evidence and check all folders, you can do this with a standard search with your email provider... also do ask for as much confirmed information from the websites as you can get.

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This is a non profit organisation there is no charge... what we want is MEDICAL SELF EXCLUSION IN PLACE...